Invalid ISSN error message

Hello, When I enter the ISSN number in appropriate field I always get message that it is invalid ISSN number.

ISSN 0350‑1426
I put it without dash, with dash etc. but I always get error message that says that ISSN is invalid. When I put that number in Google I found it in many registers for the journal. Please advise


Hi @vvucic,

ISSNs need to pass a regular expression, and they also have a built-in checksum. That appears to be a valid ISSN, so maybe it’s the dash – are you copy-pasting it? If so, try re-typing the dash to ensure that it’s not an em-dash or some other character that looks like a dash but isn’t the identical character that’s expected.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

yes, when I typed by hand it appears to be OK. Hmm, pasting is creating difficulties :frowning:

Hi all
Cleared the cache and retyped and that worked. Strangely though my colleague, working on another new title copy/pasted an ISSN into her site and that did work. So who knows…