Introducing Centre Mersenne

Hello all

I would like to introduce you the Centre Mersenne ( recently launched in January 2018.

The Centre Mersenne is an Open Access publishing infrastructure, for all scientific disciplines engaged in open access and using LaTeX to prepare articles.

Peer-review process is one of the Centre Mersenne’s selection criteria. This ensures a state-of-the-art quality-control over the published papers.

We use OJS (today ojs-stable-3_1_1) to manage all the different steps of the editorial workflow : submission, peer-review, copyediting and production, except publication, for which our team developed in-house platform.

Why OJS ? We chose OJS because using a software in Open Source for Open Access seem obvious, also for the dynamic community around OJS.
The modularity of this software, by adding plugins or by the possibility of using only a part of the features convinced us.

We install one instance of OJS per journal, because we often have to develop specific features per journal: for example, a “Section Editor Read Only” role. We also participate in the updates of the French (France) translation.

In the near future, our goal is to reach the number of a dozen journals using OJS 3_1_1.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PKP team for the excellent work they do.




(Centre mersenne)


It is a fresh and great look for site journal. Is it OJS?


Thank you but no, it is not an OJS.