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hello community,

Currently in the organization where I work and OJS version LTS is installed, they have eliminated the internet service for the server where OJS is hosted. Once they do this procedure, the Administration module of a magazine and the site stops working, it is identified that this happens when they remove the internet service. When I turn it back on it works again.
What the infrastructure area has asked me is that I share the URL that OJS requires to enable the internet service. He only shared but it still doesn’t work.

Are there more URLs that OJS requires to have internet output?

Thank you very much, I look forward to your help.

HI @amoralesag , Bit really confused about the question/requirement here . But if I am understand correctly , you want to run OJS as an offline app from the hosted server but some part of the OJS require to load something via a http/https connection and need to identify those urls/resources, is that right ?

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Hello @touhidur,

If that is correct, how do you interpret my concern?

As I was saying, for security reasons, the server where OJS is hosted cannot have full internet service. For this, I have been asked to specify the URLs where OJS must consume internet service.

Thanks for the help.

I think they want the URL of the journal that your OJS application is hosting.

Hi @amoralesag,

If you’re looking to understand what outgoing connections OJS initiates, there are two in the setup area:

  • This is what OJS uses to check whether there is an updated version available. (Can be disabled in by turning Off both show_upgrade_warning and enable_beacon.)
  • This provides content for the Plugin Gallery.

Depending on if you have SMTP service turned on (see, or are using plugins that use external connections (e.g. PKP|PN, CrossRef, etc), there may be others.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team