Integrated community forum with OJS


I’ve been looking for a forum platform type that could be used with OJS and I am thinking maybe the PKP Community Forum would work perfectly.

Say I have a website with OJS journal and community forum as subdirectories. And that there would be a single database for handling of all the accounts.

What I have in mind is that a forum designed for discussions and collaborations, mentoring and help system for academic publishing would work good alongside OJS.

Hi @Jan_Samuel_Matuba,

Are you referring to the software we use to maintain this forum? That’s Discourse, which isn’t written/maintained by us. You might be able to install it alongside OJS, but it’s quite different – it’s a Ruby on Rails application – so you’d need to do some work to achieve any level of integration between the applications.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Oh alright. Thanks. :slight_smile: