Installing plugins in OJS

I noticed that there is no option to install plugins in Plugin gallery. SHould users in teh future download some plugin, copy it to proper folder and rerun upgrade in order to install that plugin?

Hi @vvucic,

I have not tested, but in my example install haven’t worked because I was not signed in as an site admin.

Best regards, Primož

I have also just install OJS , but unfortunately none of the plugins in “Plugin Gallery” is not installing.

After hitting the “ok” bottom to install it is not doing anything to install.

Since i just installed it and I am login as administrator, do you know what is the problem and why it is not installing the plugins of “Plugin Gallery”?


Dr. Hourakhsh A. Nia

International Journal Of contemporary urban Affairs

Please check PHP error log and post it here. Also, please check permissions on folders in your OJS installation.