Installing OJS on IIS 7.5 over Windows Server

The installation process fails after following all instructions, returning a 500 Internal Server Error and blank page.

I have followed the instructions in the README of the instalation section:

1-. donwloaded package 4.2.6 and unziped locally
2-. copied files into the a previos subdomain in hosting (Latest PHP and MySQL, and IIS 7.5 Windows Server)
3-. set up the rights to related files and folders.
4-. created a mySQL dabase.
5-. created the repository folder and set up the rights

Once I tried to continue the installation process, by calling URL from my web browser I get a 500 Error Internal Server Error.



Hi @anedesquerra,

Have you checked your PHP error log for details?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team