Installation problem ojs 3.2.0-2

Currently we are using ojs version 3.2.0-2.

And we are trying to install the same version in another local server (windows 10 pc with xampp, localhost). So, I have followed the steps-

  1. I have downloaded the ojs 3.2.0-2 zip folder.
  2. Copied it to xampp/htdocs.
  3. Extracted the folder and renamed with ojs3.
  4. Trying to access it using chrome with http://localhost/ojs3/ . But, the installation page is not showing. It shows the error message-
    "localhost is currently unable to handle this request.
    HTTP ERROR 500"

I have done same things using ojs version “ojs-3.3.0-17”. This time it has worked properly.

Can anyone please help me to install ojs 3.2.0-2? We need ojs 3.2.0-2 in our local server for testing purpose.

Hi @Azad,

When you receive the HTTP 500 error - it is best to check your PHP error logs - you can then share those error log messages here?

Is there a reason that you’re sticking with OJS 3.2? Please note that it is no longer supported by PKP, and we highly recommend using a later version like 3.3 or 3.4.

PKP Team

Maybe it is related to the PHP version you are using in the new server… as mentioned above, your best bet is to check the PHP logs :slight_smile: