Installation of PKP PLN plugin in OJS 3.0.2


Hi Mark @mjordan, greetings.
Hoping to hear positive from you as it has already started April 2. I hope many other fellows of PKP OJS 3.x are also anxiously waiting for PKP PN. Dear @asmecher, hope you will also coordinate.

Kind regards. Sulaman


Hi Sulaman,

Thanks for rising this topic


Dear Mark @mjordan and @asmecher, greetings.
This message is just a humble reminder regarding the plugin for PKP PN in OJS 3.x which was supposed to be finalized by end of March. I nevertheless understand the time and effort of your team for this lengthy plugin project and only look forward to your kind updates.
Regards. Sulaman


Hi @sulaman,

Thanks, we are aware that our stated goal has passed. Part of the newest delay is understanding our obligations imposed by the EU’s GDPR regulations and how they impact long-term digital preservation. We have chosen to gain a clear understanding of the impact GDPR will have on how the OJS 3 plugin should work before releasing it to the general OJS user community. That said, we are actively investigating what those impacts are and are committed to making the plugin available as soon as possible.


Hi @mjordan and @asmecher, greetings. I hope you and the team fellows are working productively. May I ask about the latest updates regarding PKP PN plugin for OJS 3.x. Last time you mentioned that the OJS team is working to understand implication of GDPR regulation by EU on long term digital preservation. I hope the issue would have been well resolved yet will be obliged if you can mention a timeline for its release.

Meanwhile I also suggest only that a tentative plugin may kindly be released as has been the case with PKP PN plugin for OJS 2.8. I hope so many OJS users will benefit from the timely release.
Profound regards. Sulaman


Dear @mjordan and @asmecher, greetings.
I hope you and PKP team are working untiringly on the PKP PN plugin for OJS 3.x.

I would be grateful if you can kindly share the updates so far and tentative date of release.
Looking forward with kind regards.


I am looking forward to hear about PKP PLN plugin for OJS 3.1.1


Dear Mark @mjordan and Smecher @asmecher, greetings.
This is only a gentle reminder to the long pending request for kind updates from PKP team about PKP PN plug in for OJS 3.x.

Looking forward to your kind facilitation and support.
Regards. Sulaman


Hi Alec @asmecher,

I and other colleagues of PKP OJS 3.x are long waiting for the release of PKP PN plugin. I would be highly obliged if you or any other team mate of OJS can please update about the estimated date of release of this plugin.

The possible release date of PKP PN plugin will lower the anxiety level and worries of many users of OJS 3.x in their journal management endeavors through OJS. I nonetheless understand the untiring efforts to improve OJS on your part.

Many thanks and regards. Sulaman

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Hi @sulaman,

I’m aware that you’ve been interested in this for a while. I can only relay your question to those working on that plugin.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


Thank you Alec @asmecher for the kind updates. I am anxiously waiting for the positive feedback from PKP team working on it. I hope the team will resolve the issue soonest in order to facilitate me and the plenty of users of OJS 3.x.

Looking forward with regards. Sulaman


We too are waiting for the release of PKP PLN plugin to pass definitively to 3.x version of our OJS journals platform.
Bye, Enzo


Thank you @Enzo for the kind follow up. @asmecher I would be grateful if a member from PKP PN team may please share updates.

Profound regards. Sulaman


Hello @Enzo and @sulaman,

The 3.x plugin is being tested on production journals at two different hosting sites. This testing has revealed a couple of issues, which we are addressing before continuing the next phase of tests. I can’t give you a more concrete timeline than “it will be ready when we don’t have any more blockers”. I’m sorry I can’t be more specific.



Thank you @mjordan for replay. We tested positively OJS 3.x and are looking forward to use it for our journals, but need PLN Plugin. I wish you well in your work.


You guys are really need to hold your horses and let the dev do their job… you must remember this is an open source community…


Hello Mark @mjordan,
Thank you indeed for the kind updates. I really look forward to hear positive soon. I do hope the developers team of PKP PN would kindly consider this important facilitation.

Regards. Sulaman

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Dear Mark @mjordan, greetings.
I would highly appreciate if you may share updates about PKP PLN for OJS 3.x. Kindly note that I indeed understand the busy schedule and voluntary work by the developers team and only hopeful for the kind follow up and feedback.

Kind regards. Sulaman


@sulaman your understanding is complete and accurate.

We are actively testing the plugin and resolving issues as we encounter them.

Thank you for your continuing patience.


Many thanks @mjordan for the prompt and kind reply. May I pls ask about the tentative date of release of plugin. This will help in planning our journals activities.

Regards. Sulaman