Installation of OJS on sub-domain

I need some one to help and guide me on how to install OJS on a sub-domain manual via cPanel. Thank you.

Hi @Ibrahim

Install on a subdomain is not quite different of install on a domain.
You need pay attention on filesytem path variable on and URL variable.

What is your main doubt?


Thank you for your email. Please if you will not mind help with the steps
to follow to install the OJS on the sub-domain manually via cPanel or if
there is any video that will guide me to install it successfully I will
appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

Let me try.
First, create DB

  1. Log in on your cpanel account
  2. Click on mysql databases
  3. Create a database (keep the name on mind)
  4. Create a user / password (keep this info to use on install OJS procces)
  5. Grant privilegies to user on this database you’ve created

Second, OJS

  1. Log in on your cpanel account
  2. Open “File manager”
  3. Go to your subdomain “public_html” folder
  4. Upload OJS tar.gz file to this folder
  5. Right button (mouse) on uploaded file and choose “Extract”
  6. It will create folder (you may mantain or move all files and folders inside of it to “public_html” subdomain folder, it is yout choice)
  7. Inside the folder edit to achieve your needs (database, file system path, usually: /home/user/subdomain/public_html/ )
  8. Then access with your browser the subdomain URL and follow instructions to proceed installation

I don’t have any videos showing this install, but it is a good idea.



Thank you so much. I will try and will feed you back.


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good day, as i said i will get back to you, now the issues i am having is
how to edit please help with the step to edit it. Thank you
very much for helping me.


in the folder i sow these and and
i am confuse which one will i edit. Thanks.

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