Install OJS on hosting


I want to install version on a hosting.

I have already pasted all the content of the downloaded file in OJS and I fulfill everything that index.php / index / install asks me for

That created the file / files, in a different path.

I have previously created the database and added the username, password and name of the database to the file.

But when I click to install Open Journal System, it shows me the following error:

Error 503 Backend fetch failed

Backend fetch failed

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Hello @gardbeat,

Have you followed the instructions listed here: Managing the Server Environment

Please review the instructions, and if the error persists, let us know. And, if you could let us know any messages from your error log too, that may help in addressing the issue.

Best regards,

Public Knowledge Project

Hi @rcgillis,

I don’t have an error_log file, since OJS is not installed.

In my case, I have already pasted the OJS file and I am in the initial phase of adding the data (administrator, add the data from the database …)

And after adding all the data and giving the install button OJS it indicates the error: Error 503 Backend fetch failed

Hi @rcgillis,

I have spoken with the hosting company and they tell me that the hosting does not have localhost and I have the host.

My question, what should I indicate in the part "OAI Settings: Repository Identifier " and if I have to check the box or not"Beacon: Provide a unique site ID and OAI base URL to PKP for statistics and security alert purposes only. "

I await your response.

Hello @gardbeat,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you are hosting the repository locally and it does not have a public URL? If so, I’m not sure you could set something for your OAI Settings Repository identifier as it would have to be a public URL as your base OAI URL.


It is already solved. Thanks a lot.