Instalación software

Buenos días, no consigo instalar OJS. No sé qué siignifica todo esto:
PHP 4.2.xo posterior (incluyendo PHP 5.x) con MySQL o PostgreSQL
Un Servidor de Base de Datos: MySQL 4.1 o posterior, o PostgreSQL 8.0 o posterior
Recomienda sistema operativo UNIX (Como Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, etc.).
OJS 2.0.2 es compatible superiores y Con Servidores de Windows (incluyendo IIS).

OJS is server software as opposed to desktop software. The requirements are webserver and database server requirements.

Most production installations of OJS are run on a web hosting platform, though it is possible to run a webserver in a desktop environment such as Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Gracias, pero debo indicarle que es como si usted me hablase en chino. el servidor web es google? Creo que me resulta más facil hacer una tesis que instalar un software… hehehehe.

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Web servers are computers which provide content on the Internet. There are many hosting providers which provide webservers at low monthly cost. Just google “web hosting”.

If you are looking to start up a scholarly journal, but don’t have technical expertise, you may be interested in hosting providers who work specifically with OJS, such as PKP Publishing Services and Scholarly Exchange.