Information Block is now showing up

I have some problem with information block not appear. I just enable plugin. but not change very much.

Have you checked that you have the plugin visible in the sidebar from Settings => Website => Appearance => Sidebar management?

And do you have content for the information block in Settings => Website => Information? And is it filled using the correct locale, the same locale you use to look at your frontend?

And finally, did you upgrade from OJS2 and if you did, did you have that block plugin enabled in OJS2?

i use OJS 3.0.2 and yes that visible and enable

absolutly it is filled

but i search in mysql for information table is not thereā€¦

Do you have multiple languages activated? And if you do, do you have both the UI and the Form selected for those languages in the settings? And if you have multiple languages, have you entered content the information section in the settings using the language that you are viewing the journal page with?

And possibly a second issue, what does this sql return for you
SELECT * FROM plugin_settings WHERE plugin_name = 'informationblockplugin' AND setting_name = 'context'
I am thinking whether it is the same problem described here: OJS 3.0 - Choose language & Search at the index page - #26 by asmecher