Information about customization and individual backup


SciELO is planning to setup a OMP service for book evaluation for the Academic
Press in the SciELO Books Program. We expect to operate a centralized service
under SciELO brand. Each individual press will operated under SciELO brand with
specific customizations. Please, inform us:

  1. In which extent we can customize both the interface and the work flow in the
    central platform as well as in each new press web pages. The idea is that the
    SciELO brand will persist through out the operation along with the individual
    press brands.

  2. Is it possible to export backups of the books from a specific press. This
    capability is expected from the press we already consulted to adopt the system in
    order to anticipate possible abandoning the system.

  3. We are planning to offer OMP restricted to the management of the book
    evaluation as most of the press and SciELO Books have already their own web
    publishing portals.

Best, Amanda Ramalho.

Hi @amandasramalho,

  1. Customizing the appearance of OMP is a lot like customizing the appearance of OJS 2.x – except that the OMP front-end is much more modern, with CSS rewritten from scratch, and using JQuery etc. You can still adjust the appearance using theme plugins, or by altering templates, etc. (Altering templates would of course apply site-wide, not just to a particular press.) If you want to comprehensively brand the site, you’ll probably be looking at a few template modifications.

  2. OMP has import/export tools a lot like OJS does, including the ability to import/export selected content in XML.

  3. If you want to use OMP strictly for the workflow, that’s an option – you’d simply stop short of approving the content for publication on the website. This is a relatively common approach for users who use OMP to produce ONIX data, which is then used for sales elsewhere.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher

Thank you for your answers!