Individual login for a author does not work

I am using OJS
I register as author to a particular journal, suppose journal name is " Journal -1". After that I login to Journal-2 ( another journal in same website). It is logged in and allow to the author to submit paper. Since the author is not register to " Journal-2", so the author should not login to “journal-2”.

However, When I login as admin, it showing that the author name present in “Journal-1” but not in “journal-2”.
Here Subhadip user is present in Indian Journal of Education Technology.

Here Subhadip user is not present in Indian Educational Review

Still subahdip user can login to Indian Educational Review and can submit paper.
How, I can configure, so that a user able to login and submit paper in which journal the user has been register.

Hi @Abhiek,

I could not reproduce your problem, please double-check if the user role is author only.

Best regards,

Hi @jnoronha
I have checked, the role is author only.