Individual journal issues not uploading to PKP PN

Description of issue or problem I’m having: Our PKP PN Plugin is working and many issues have been uploaded and are on the current list of archived issues ( Individual issues do not archive despite repeated attempts to reset. They get stuck at one of the three following statuses:
131 Transferred Unknown Agreement Yes
3 Transferred Unknown Unknown No
512 Packaging Failure Unknown Unknown No
How can these be fixed?

Steps I took leading up to the issue: Installed PKP PN Plugin.

What I tried to resolve the issue: All Settings in Plugin ticked, tried to resend problematic issues, compared issues in archive to issues uploaded.

Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2:
PKP PN Journal Identifier: 67B9925B-FB33-4CDA-852F-DFC3C91B200A

Additional information, such as screenshots and error log messages if applicable:

Hi @aulock,

Check the “Debugging” section of the PKP|PN plugin’s README for some additional recommended steps:

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

We tried all five points in the debugging section without success. Do you have any other suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @aulock,

Could you walk me through each more specifically?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher in my case the deposit also is in the state depositedByJournal for several days, a week. The processing state not change in the deposit’s document. I check the logs of the scheduled task and looks ok. You can check this deposit in preservation network staging server?

Hi @asmecher,
we have gone through the five points of the debugging section again; here are the specifics:

  1. The pln plugin depends on 2 database tables, namely the ‘pln_deposits’ and ‘pln_deposit_objects’ tables. If those tables are not in your database, you may not have installed the plugin properly.

=> Tables are present and filled.

  1. The ‘plugins.generic.pln.classes.tasks.Depositor’ task must be inside the ‘scheduled_tasks’ database table. If not, try ‘Reload Scheduled Tasks’ from the Plugins gallery area, under the Acron plugin.

=> Data set is present and last_run-entry has a time point from the previous day.

  1. Search the plugin’s logs in the ‘scheduledTaskLogs’ folder within the OJS files directory. Files named ‘PKPPLNDepositorTask-id-datestamp’ should be found there.

=> List and files present. Looks like one for each day since the plugin was started.

  1. In the scheduled task log files, if an entry like ‘[date time] [Notice] Task process stopped.’ is found, then the process seems to have exited as it should. Otherwise please check the PHP logs for more info/errors.

=> found some files that were not successful. These are attached as well as respective error logs of those days.

  1. If an issue fails to be packaged, it may be useful to try and export the issue from the native import/export plugin. Possible export problems may cause the PLN Plugin to fail to send the failed content, and the native import/export plugin may display some hints on why the failure occured.

=> Tried to export issues with the native import/export plugin but this does not work, neither with issues that were successfully transferred to PKP PN (e.g. 74) nor for issues that did not (e.g. 150). There are some validation errors but I do not understand what they mean, where they occur or how they can be fixed. Happy to share output, please advise how as you accept only image files.


Hi @asmecher, the deposit is already in the PLN Network and is syncing with the PLN Network nodes. The problem was solved.
Thanks you

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Hi @aulock,

I don’t have enough information to be 100% sure, but I think you’re encountering a memory limit when trying to export those issues. Please try extending the PHP memory_limit setting in your php.ini configuration file. Unfortunately I can’t give you a guideline recommendation, as it depends heavily on your content, so all I can say is “more”. Once you’re able to export your issues via the import/export plugin, you should have enough.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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