Index Copernicus export plugin for OJS3.3.0.8

Hi to all,

does anyone have the Index Copernicus export plugin for OJS3.3.0.8? All version that I found does not work. I also sent a message to the Index Copernicus team about importing files but nobody answered.


Hi @Lazar_Stosic,

According to the plugin gallery, that plugin has not been tested for use with OJS 3.3.0-8 : plugin-gallery/plugins.xml at main · pkp/plugin-gallery · GitHub - our data shows that it has only been tested with at the latest, so it would be inadvisable to test it until the developer has tested it with 3.3.0-8 and it could then be installed via the plugin gallery. I note here as well that there has been some requests for testing it for 3.3 (as well as some issues noted with using it with 3.3), but the developer has not responded: Official support for OJS 3.3 · Issue #9 · a-vodka/ojs_copernicus_export_plugin · GitHub

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PKP Team

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Hi, is it working index Copernicus plugin for ojs where can i find?

Hi @thelaris,

It doesn’t look like it is working for 3.3.0-10. The last updates to the plugin were around 3-4 years ago, so it would be dependent on the developer of the plugin updating it to making it compatible.

PKP Team

I know that for OJS is not existing plugin for Index Copernicus.

Guys, did you find any solution for the problem?
Did you manage with some of OJS XML scheme and change it to Index Copernicus one?

I am searching for the solution before I start manually adding 4 numbers of the journal…

Thank you for any suggestion.

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I’m at the same situation as you are. Do you know if any solution to this?

I am adding journal numbers manually… I haven’t find any other solution.