In search of a LaTeX production editor

Hello everyone,

New poster here. I am the managing editor of an international journal housed at the University of Toronto who had one of our production editors take a sudden leave of absence mid-publication.

I am in fairly urgent need of a LaTeX proficient editor to help get this publication across the finish line. We use Overleaf to produce all our articles and have a template already.

We would be willing to pay above market rate. Does any one have any leads on where I could find a production editor in such short notice? Typically we source the work internally but that is not feasible at the moment.

Thanks so much for any help!


Hi Joshua,
I’m a member of an Open Source publishing group from Latam. If you’re still looking for a LaTex proficient editor, I am sure someone in the group might be interested. Do you have any more specifics about the kind of work involved, rates, and timeline? Thanks, Sergio