In OJS, make the Submission information page (/about/submissions) configurable

Describe the problem you would like to solve
In journal site, the submission information page (/about/submissions) assembles different informations that relate to the author submission process.

All information, if provided, is deplayed by default on this page. For a journal that is providing all informations, this page may get confusing.

Following are the information displayed on the page :

  • Submission Preparation Checklist
  • Guidelines for auhors
  • Section policies
  • Privacy statement

Describe the solution you’d like
There may be few improvments that may help :

  1. Add a navigation section on top linking to specific sections.
  2. Make the display of each informtion on the Submission information page configurable (as illustrated below for Author Guidelines).

From the title of this feature request, you know where my preference lies! :°)