In future issues, items lost ojs 2.4.8

I uploaded 3 articles last week to a number that will be published in 2 weeks at ojs 2.4.8 with the module Quick Submit when I enter to future issues in items are “4” as you can see in the image (today I uploaded another one to see if the others appeared but they didn’t).
At the moment of entering into the number, only the one that I just uploaded comes out and the other 3 do not appear, does anyone have any idea of ​​how I can recover them? (I need those for the number of DOI that gave me ojs is the one that is registered in the files of the articles)

Thank you in advance!

Try searching for the missing submissions by title, author, or by submission id rather than browsing into the issue.

Check for inconsistent metadata in the submission. For example, perhaps it is not assigned to a section, or submission status is archived when the issue is published.

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I could find them, thank you very much!