In a single domain Can i host multiple Journals using OJS


In My journals hosting site i am planning to use OJS but, it is not clear for me how to use the OJS for multiple journals platform.

Can any one help me on this regard.


Creating multiple journals in a single install is supported out-of-the-box. See:

Note that users accounts will exist at the site level, roles will be assigned at the journal level. This is convenient when one user may be a participant in multiple journals on the site. This is less desirable the each journal is intended to have a distinct set of users.

You can add custom domain names for each journal by configuring’s base_urls and your webserver for the custom domain names, but by default the journal’s names will work all under the same domain and base_url:

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Hi ctgraham,

Thank you very much for your valuable reply…

Will go through it and get back to you if any doubt.