Importing users from 2.2.4 to 2.4.8

Hello all,

I searched this forum and googled the following error, but couldn’t find a definitive answer.

Not sure if I should open as a new topic or create a thread here.
I’m having problems importing users from an old 2.2.4 version to the latest 2.4.8.
I’m getting the DB Error: Duplicate entry '5642-1221' for key 'u_e_pkey'.
The list of users, quite long, gets displayed and when clicking import, it hangs a while to later on throw the error.

What to do?

This new topic is appropriate because the error is different then the one previously discussed.

This message indicates that there is a duplicate user interest (table user_interests) resulting from your import. Specifically, look at user id 5642 and interest id 1221.

Hello @ctgraham,

Could it be because the interests within the XML file are not semi-colon separated??

This is one example:
Desenvolvimento sustentável. Educação rural/campo. Ensino de ciências. Construção do conhecimento. Agro-ecologia.

I’m not sure. I would first suggest taking a look at user #5642 and interest #1221 in the database, then search for those in the XML.


This is what I got from "SELECT * FROM user_interests WHERE user_id = “5642”;

user_id controlled_vocab_entry_id
5642 1221
5642 1222
5642 1223
5642 1224
5642 1225

Hello all,

Solved it by removing all from the file.
Will request users, and editorial team, to update the profiles again…
The max_input_vars is also an issue when importing large quantities of data. Maybe there should be a way to export users as a series of files, divided by tens of records instead of a huge file.