Importing issue error with author name and language

I’m importing several issues into OJS 3.1.2 and I’m getting the error:

  • The author does not have a given name in the submission’s language, English. The submission can not be imported without this information.

What does this error mean? The XML validates just fine. I have run similar XML imports in earlier 3.x versions and haven’t had a problem.


There are probably some new name features which are causing this error.

3.1.2 introduced the capability for an author’s name to be multilingual (for example, written in latin script, and Chinese, and Cyrilic). This version also replaced the requirements for “first name”, “last name” with just (at least) a “given name” (allowing single name authors).

You’ll now need to treat these nodes as localized:

Thanks. I found the problem I had a blank givenname

<givenname locale="en_US"/>