Importing from ojs 2.4.x to 2.4.x


I received the task of copying a journal from one OJS server to another. When I try to import an XML file I get the following error:

‘The section title “Articles” in the “Vol 1 (2014)” issue matched an existing journal section, but another title of this section doesn’t match with another title of the existing journal section.’

My guess is that it is a error for these values:

 <title locale="en_US">Articles</title>
<title locale="es_ES">Artículos</title>
<title locale="fr_CA">Articles</title>
<title locale="it_IT">Articoli</title>
<abbrev locale="en_US">art.</abbrev>
<abbrev locale="es_ES">art.</abbrev>
 <abbrev locale="fr_CA">art.</abbrev>
 <abbrev>brev locale="it_IT">art.</abbrev>

Two times used name Articles, but i dont know how to deal with it

Hi @Markiz,

Do you have exactly the same sections on the other OJS? Full name and abbreviation of the Article section? Verify in all languages.

Regards, Primož

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