Importing existing content to OJC 3


How can I import the content of my existing journal to OJS by using the import export pluging available in OJS.

Also I want to know if I import the back issues while migrating to OJS will the URL of the articles change?

I am concern because those articles have been assigned a DOI which might create a problem due to changed URL.

Hi @alsa,

First to let you know that export from the OJS 2 and import to the OJS 3 is not supported, if you are trying to do that.

Second, yes, export/import does change the URLs (also articles IDs), so the DOI metadata should be manually corrected.

For the end I have a question why you are doing this? Joining two journals into one OJS (that is is the only reason I would assume)? If you want to upgrade the OJS version that should be done directly using upgrade process without import/export and it preserves the URLs.

Regards, Primo┼ż

Hello @primozs

Thanks for your guidance.

My journal is running on JMS (Journal Management System), and I want to migrate from JMS software to OJS.

The database of both the software are totally different which is creating a problem for me to understand the procedure of shifting my journal on OJS.