Importing editorial manager accepted papers to OJS platform editing/production line

AJTCAM and AJID use Aries editorial systems software for submission and review processes. But the two journals manually upload accepted papers from their editorial Manager platforms for production on OJS platform at Simon Fraser Library. Is there a way we can import from the submission/review platform to OJS.
How do we also transfer the information from the reviewing process i.e. results of manuscripts rejected and others to OJS platform?
The metrics of these processes are available on our submission site. Is it possible to import these metrics to our OJS platform? Any clue?

Hi @athmsiforum,

The XML import/export tools for OJS don’t yet support e.g. peer review processes, but we do have a long-term plan to build out the import/export tools to include this and other data.

You would also need a comprehensive export from Aries that includes all the data you want to import into OJS – I have no experience with Aries so can’t comment on how much of the data you need is available there, or in what format.

The last piece will be a toolset to convert from the Aries export format into the OJS import format. Something like an XSL file would probably be able to perform this conversion. I’m not aware of anything like this that’s already available.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team


I re-open this topic to ask if this functionality has been built (since there was the long-term plan). Just to check, because I couldn’t find this information anywhere else.