Import of csv with article details into existing OJS database

I have csv file with details of articles that should be imported into freshly installed OJS 3.0.I would later on add pdf files. Is there any procedure defined how to do that? Which table in OJS database contain that info?


Ideally, you will want to convert the CSV to XML if possible for import via the Native XML Articles and Issue import/export.

I developed a csv2xml tool which is not tested with OJS 3.x, but helps with this at Pitt for OJS 2.4.x. This tool has known issues and is a low priority for external support. On the other hand, if anyone is interested in offering code contributions to addressing any of these issues, those are welcome.

Is it possible to import csv via phpmyadmin and solve the issue?

Possible, but definitely not recommended or supported. You would need intimate knowledge of the database structure to accomplish that. Use the existing framework instead.

Hello, The first import is planned through preparing existing data according to the table structure. Is that OK?


If you are describing using SQL to insert new article data, I cannot recommend that. There are numerous table and filesystem interdependencies, and I would not feel confident of catching everything in a manual operation, even with two years of history working in development with the database and filesystem. Again, use the existing plugins.