Import/export XML plugin doesn't work

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to export all issues (each in one file) from my site (ojs 2.4.1) to some other (ojs 2.4.6).
When I try to import an issue this message error appears:
One or more errors occurred during import. Please check to ensure that the format of the import file correctly matches the specification. Specific details of the import errors are listed below.

The section title “Artículos” in the “Vol 15 (2015)” issue matched an existing journal section, but another title of this section doesn’t match with another title of the existing journal section.

But sections names are similar in both sites,
So what is happening? What can I do?


The code will check each translation of the section title for matches between the section title(s) in the XML and the section title(s) in your Journal. If you have section titles which match in one locale, but not in each locale, this error will appear.

You’ll need to ensure that if you are importing a section titled “Artículos” in Spanish and “Articles” in English, you cannot have two different sections in your destination journal, one with a “Artículos” title, and one with a “Articles” title.

Thanks a lot, it works. That was the cause of error