Import Error: A specified URL could not be copied to a local file


When i Import articles the following errors is shown (OJS
A specified URL “” could not be copied to a local file.

Import on local system is working fine But when i import on live server it shows the error. I have created the “files” folder and also given the write permissions.

Does your server require proxy settings to access the Internet? This message makes it sound like your server was unable to fetch the remote file. There may be more information available in your webserver or php error log.

Please advise how did you fix this error. We are having similar issue on OJS v 2.6. I’ve spoken with our internet service provider and they have mentioned that they do not use proxy server. If i type the address of pdf on http address bar, the pdf file is opening that means it is on the web address. Will it be a problem of where it is trying to copy (I checked into the folder where it has created a number of subfolders for each article, but then it did not copy). The created subfolders inherited 775 permission.

Any help us much appreciated as I need to publish an issue.