Implementing Cited-by-linking from CrossRef

Hi All,

I’m glad that PKP and CrossRef are now collaborating to help journals using OJS to take better advantage of CrossRef services. And i am currently really interested in implementing Cited-by-linking service from CrossRef for my journal.

I’ve tried to install the Cited-by plugin from the old forum here. But sadly not many updates available regarding this plugin.

I have registered in CrossRef Cited-by-linking and already obtain a username and password. But then i really have no idea what to do next. Anyone here have any tutorial or detail information on how to use this plugin after we enable it? I am currently using OJS

Thank you in advance.

Hi @nurranimustika,

Have you tried contacting the author of that plugin? That’s 3rd-party code, so we don’t maintain it directly.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Dear @asmecher,

I dont think the user have an account in the new forum, so cant really mesaage him via this forum. Maybe i should try contacting the support contact of their journal.
Thank you for your reply.

Nurrani Mustika

Hi @nurranimustika

I want to use that plug in too.
Did you talked him? Some news?

Best regards,
Tarcisio Pereira.

Hi @Tarcisio_Pereira,

Yes i’ve tried to contact the journal where the programmer worked for. But the admin of the said journal told me that he is no longer working for the journal and they can’t give me his contact.

So i still don’t have any solution for this too, i’m sorry.

Best Regards,
Nurrani Mustika


Thank you for the answer.

Tarcisio Pereira

No guarantees that he is interested in this old plugin, or available for freelancing, but he is on LinkedIn:

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