Immersion Theme (OJS 3-2-0): articles published don't appear on the website

Hello there,

I am sure that it must be my fault somewhere, but I have a fresh new journal running with OJS 3.2.0 (I know, I will upgrade to the 3.2.0-2 soon, in the hurry I uploaded the wrong package I already had on my laptop), and my articles are not showing.
Howevery, I have prepared the issues and imported them using the Quicksubmit, uploading also the HTML galleys: the result I am getting here is that the Issue index remains empty and a fully blank page, both if I publish it and both if I just preview it. Is this a known possible situation?
It never happened to me before.
Thank you very much

ps: image attached. On the backend I have imported articles, but the Issue doesn’t show them.


Can you reproduce the problem when making a submission through the usual submission form instead of QuickSubmit?

Thanks Nate, I will try now and let you now asap.

Hi Nate (@NateWr) ,

thank you again for your answer. I have tried again doing the whole submission procedure, instead of using Quicksubmit, but I am still getting to a full blank content under the Issue number.
Would you have any idea about what is maybe happening?
Thanks again

Can you try switching to the default theme to see if the articles appear when using that theme?

Hi @NateWr ,

thanks again you for your reply. I actually reinstalled the whole OJS (using the last package), and now everything is working well.
All the best,

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