Immersion theme: article by the same author plugin repeats the article itself


I am writing for a problem which I am having on “Immersion” (3.2.0-2), but which I didn’t find while using “HealthScience” and “Classic” (3.1.2-4).
In short, the issue is that while using the plugin “Suggest other articles by the same authors”, I am getting as a suggestion also the same article which I am already reading in the page. This bring the reader to see as a suggestion the same article she/he is already reading; in case of an author with only one article, the suggestion will repeat the article itself as an “other” article.
Have you ever noticed this maybe, also in other cases?
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I attach a link here, where you can see the situation: ‘Una parabola meravigliosa’: Peter Stein traduttore e regista dell’Edipo a Colono | Visioni del tragico. La tragedia greca sulla scena del XXI secolo

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

Thanks, I was able to reproduce it but the issue seems not to be theme-related. I’ve opened an issue: Recommend by Author Plugin duplicates entries · Issue #5801 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub
BTW, it also helped to find a bug in the Classic theme :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vitaliy,

thank you, I am glad to know it helped. I actually would like very much to use this very useful plugin, but I can’t manage to overcome the issue of having articles by the same authors if the author him or herself has changed affiliation…