Images in html and how to link to them

I’m testing the OJS 3.1 and trying to figure out how to make a QuickSubmit with a HTML file. The problem for me is to find out how I’ll get the images in the html files submitted in the right way and how I link to them in the html document.
I’ve also tried to make a regular submission and send the submitted file to production, but here I have the same problem, how do I manage the images?
Note: I’m starting up with the html file not a Word file.
Niels Erik

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After adding a galley file (html) click the blue triangle in the front of the galley name and choose “Edit”. There you will see a place where you can upload artwork files like CSS or images.

For linking, just refer to the filename <img src="filename.jpg">. The HTML galley plugin should rewrite the address when the html document is shown.


Thank you so much. Works fine
Best Niels Erik