Image table xml article not shown OJS 3.1.1

Hi all

Recently I installed the version of OJS 3.1.1 in this moments i have problems to show HTML article the image table not show in the magazine i have changed the parameter xlink:href in the xml of article but still without show the table that is a image.


thanks for the help

Typical link to figure in JATS XML that we use:

<fig id="fig1">
  <label>Figure 1</label>
    <title>Distribution in groups of patients by the stroke type.</title>
  <graphic xlink:href="fig1.jpg"/>

link to the table: <xref ref-type="table" rid="tbl1">Table 1</xref> link to the figure: xref ref-type="fig" rid="fig1">Fig. 1</xref>

Hi Vitally

thanks now if it shown the image table i have a doubt why in the xml is set up the label table in the article xml if is a image and should be the label fig

I’ve never used non-tabular tables, but you can try this exaple from JATS XML guidleine (although, don’t know if it is implemented in Lens Viewer):

<table-wrap id="Table-07">
    <title>2008 Expenditures</title>
    <p>Total research expenditures by disease, 2008</p>
  <graphic xlink:href="totals.jpeg">
    <alt-text>Distribution of research spending for major
  <attrib>Reprinted courtesy of TableSource, Inc.</attrib>

Also, I suggest to ask the developers directly: Issues · elifesciences/lens · GitHub