Im trying to restore ojs from database backup

I need help restoring OJS by importing a database backup. I downloaded a new OJS installation and edited the file with my server’s database details. However, every time I access my domain, it redirects me to the OJS installation wizard. Can anyone help me fix this issue? I was hoping that once OJS reads my file, it will load my site information, modifications, and settings from the database, instead of going into the new installation wizard.

Hello @jnods,

Presumably you are upgrading? If so, would you mind indicating what version you were running prior to trying to upgrade (e.g. 3.2.1). Also, you might want to check out our upgrade documentation:

PKP Team

No, I’m not trying to upgrade, but restoring/move from localhost. After spending hours googling, apparently I didn’t set the installation to ‘ON’. I still have the setting set to ‘OFF’ on

everything ok now

thank you very much