If we publish an article as online first in 2017 for an issue of 2018, the citation will show 2017 as the year instead of 2018 (3.1 ojs)


I have published an issue as online first/article in press for an issue which will be published in 2018.
For the rticle in press issue, i have kept 1st jan 2018 as the publication date. But the citation plugin shows 2017 (which is article’s publishing year) as the year (2017;2(1),e000087 instead of 2018;2(1)e000087). So how to show the issues publication year instead of articles publication year in the citation?

Google scholar shows 2018 year in the citation as well. So it is not good to have articles publication year as the year in the citation plugin which is wrong as well.

Edit- was able to solve it. Thanks.