If i update my version from ojs 2 to ojs 3. Is there any effect on existing users and articles data?

Hi Team,

I am currently using ojs version 2.I need to update for ojs version 3.If I update any effect on ojs existing database.Means any effect on existing users and articles data.?.

Please share response

The upgrade process should not actively introduce modifications to your database in terms of content and settings, however changes can occur to make your database compatible with the new version of OJS.

To be safe, take a copy of your OJS site including all files, galleys and the database, set it up on another server or a virtual machine on your computer. There, you can work on your site, carry out the upgrade and then publish the update version on the live instance of your OJS site. In case the upgrade fails, you can always restore your working site from the backup you have taken in the first step, and start again.

If your journal uses the editorial workflow to manage submissions, you might like to update twice: First take a copy as described above, test-run the update and document every step you did. If all went well, you can do it again with a fresh copy and this time, restrict all editorial / submission access so that no changes to ongoing editorial processes can be lost in the update. Then publish the updated OJS and re-enable the editing workflow.

Please keep in mind that not all functions of OJS 2.x are avaliable in OJS 3 just yet. If you are using subscriptions, for example, please make sure these functions are available in the most current OJS 3.x release at the time of your upgrade.