If I change pdf files, the statics restast from 0?

Hi to all,
I have published same articles months ago, now they have their stats of downloads and views.
I need to update them, i will chage the pdf files.The change is only formal, I don’t change the text.

After the change, the stats of downloads and views restart from 0 or not ?

Zeno Tajoli

OJS collects statistics based on the internal ids of issues, articles, and galleys

You can replace a PDF file for a galley without changing the galley id. This means there would be no impact on historic or future statistics.

If you remove a galley from an article, and add a new galley from the article, the cumulative statistics for article views is unchanged. Historic statistics for the old galley remain in the metrics, unless you rebuild the access logs into new metrics. New statistics will be collected for the new galley as access happen over time.

The specific impact will also vary by report, as the reports differ as to whether they are giving information for issues, articles, galleys, or a combination of these items.