I want to publish the content of the issue with abstracts but not pdf

We are using OJS for the review process but the journal is published in print only. However, we would like to publish the contents of issues (structure of the issue, titles and abstracts) but not pdf of articles. I cannot find a way to do it.

Is it possible in OJS?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Hi Nada, I think that this shouldn’t be a problem, if you don’t provide galley files with submission (and as I recall that step should be made by someone of team not by the author, and it should be in .pdf, .xml, .html if you are using pdf.js plugin) there is nothing to be shown.

Thanks for the reply. It is a possible solution.However, we do upload the alleys as we want to have the final pdf version available for proofreading in OJS.

The only thing I can see that we put the pdf final version as a layout version. It can be done but then it means that the version for the typographer is exchanged for this final pdf version. It seems awkward. I hoped that there is a better solution.


Well there is another solution, changing template files so that they don’t display links to galley’s but I think that it isn’t good solution because they are publicly hidden to all visitors and users. In production environment galleys are files that are available publicly or to paid customers.
I fact, that could be a good way to accomplish what you want:

  1. You can set Access to Journal Content in step 4. of setup to The journal will require subscriptions to access some or all of its contents. (second option).
  2. Assigned one Subscription Manager
  3. On Issue level (you have to do this for all published issues (back issues) and for every future issue) change Access from Open Access to Subscription

This way readers can’t access galley’s but can still read abstracts and other information related to articles.

This in my opinion would be a clean solution if your proofreaders are registered in system.

I tried this option with the subscription. It works but the problem is that it shows to the readers the abstract and below that it says: The pdf available to subscribers. And that is a problem because subscribers will get a printed copy not the pdf. Any idea how to get rid of it?

Thanks for the effort.

Well then next way would be hacking template files (.tpl). I’m not currently at my office but as far as I can remember someone handy with programming should edit article.tpl, in /templates folder, and issue.tpl in /templates/issue and remove part of code that are calling galley files. This way nobody wouldn’t be able to access pdf’s because there won’t be a link’s to them, but after updating or upgrade of system you would have to change files again.

Thanks. I feared that. The people taking care of our system will not do it.

Well, I could do that in OJS3…

I do not have the access to the file. And the problem is that we would
have to do it after every upgrade and that would be a problem. Thank you
a lot for your effort.

Dne 28.09.2016 v 9:43 Ph We napsal(a):

[Ph_We] Ph_We http://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/users/ph_we
September 28

Well, I could do that in OJS3…

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Maybe @asmecher have some other idea, so i’m tagging him.

Hi all,

If you’ve gotten close to a solution that works as you want but need to change some of the language, something like the Custom Locale Plugin will permit you to change the wording of specific locale keys without having to modify any files.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team