I need to know the more about of object review plugin

In objectsforrevieweditorHandler.inc.php file ,

$fieldOptions = Array(
			OFR_FIELD_TITLE => 'plugins.generic.objectsForReview.search.field.title',
			OFR_FIELD_ABSTRACT => 'plugins.generic.objectsForReview.search.field.abstract',

these are assigned .I need to add more fields like OFR_FIRSTNAME =>‘first name’ .I tried this one but it show small problem.So please guide me where defined that ‘plugins.generic.objectsForReview.search.field.title’ constant.

These constants reference the translatable strings from the locale files. For example, see the English (US) for:

So,Finally how i have to define constants?

If you want to use the translatable string for “First Name”, use: user.firstname

If you want to create an entirely new translatable key which doesn’t already exist in OJS, you would add another message entry with a unique key to the XML. Do this in the en_US file first (this forms the “reference” entry), and then translate it to the other locales as needed.

What will be the problem if i used in pkp/ojs/blob/ojs-dev-2_4/plugins/generic/objectsForReview/locale/en_US/locale.xml#L93

I’m not sure what you mean.

Can you explain with code examples?

Hello @ctgraham,

I know it’s a bit off topic, but to whom and where do we send finished translations for review?

@ramon, your post here is a good start:

Hello @ctgraham,

Thanks… There used to be a “translators” install available whenever a new version was about to be launched… why has this changed?? Or I just don’t know where that is anymore?

I’m not an “official” translator anymore, but I’m currently the executive editor and responsible for maintaining our journal. Thought I could help again…

@ramon, this would be better followed up on the other thread.