I need OJS theme

i need ojs theme like journal given bellow:

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Hello @Dr_Ahmed_Alkhayyat,

I think that this journal’s theme might be a customized private theme - you may wish to talk to them about how they obtained it. If you’re interested in some OJS free themes, please see here: Themes

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PKP Team

I confirm is a private theme, called RSP, probably based on PKP’s bootstrap theme, but I can tell you who made it.

If you want a non-default theme for your journal, you need to hire a web designer and/or web developer to create a new theme for your journal. It can be done by generic professionals but is always better if they know OJS or know well the academic context.


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We are operating a OJS OJS platform with the libraries’ staff (admin) of the university. They are not planning an OJS update during the next six months, but maybe later in 2023. We have the same issue that Dr_Ahmed_Alkhayyat: we need an OJS theme that looks appealing if we want to ensure the future of our journal in a very competitive area (health sciences). We can find different companies that sell OJS themes. Some captured our interest like these: Demo Journal A
Journal of Unify
Do any of you had any experience contracting these companies? Any opinion based on facts?
Thank you

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Hello @sips

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