I have updated the ojs 3 plugins

I have Updated the 3 plugins of OJS which are classic Theme, Health science theme, and Quick submit plugin…since that time OJS system not working in proper way…how can I reinstall previous versions of those plugins which were install through the installation on ojs 3

Hi @Bhutto

I am not sure I understand correctly, but: you would maybe need to correctly remove the plugins, download the wished version package from the corresponding PKP GitHub repositories: Public Knowledge Project · GitHub, and then install them anew…


Hi @Bhutto

Most probably you will encounter with problems if using Classic and Health Sciences theme with OJS 3.0. Classic theme works well with OJS 3.1.1-2+, and first release of Health Sciences - OJS 3.1.1

how to fix it now…i want to restore all old settings of OJS 3.0.2