I get a black page installing quick submit at a 3.x installation

Im using the * Application Version - e.g., OJS 3.1.2

  • Description of issue
    Im trying to make quick sumit work at my new installation

  • Steps you took leading up to the issue
    I try to make the manual update of the plugin but wiht success to get the name on the list of modules
    but not when working, i only get a black page

  • What you tried to resolve the issue
    I make an upgrade to the next version it was avaible,
    trying to make a old install

  • Screenshots

My OJS config

My quicksubmit intalled module

The plugin when i try to used it

Hi @Gurulandio

If you’re seeing a blank page like that, there will be an error message in your server’s error log. Look for “fatal error” and you should find it.

So, you upgraded the quick submit plugin to the newest version for OJS 3.1.2?


Yes i make the upgrade QuickSubmit Plugin Version: 1.0.3

There should still be an error in your error log, if you have a look.