I click on the article but the wrong article is displayed


The links of the articles of some magazines of our portal are getting mysteriously incorrect. They have worked perfectly for a moment, however, we noticed that after a while, some do not open the correct article anymore. For example, article “A INFLUÊNCIA DAS POLÍTICAS DE INFORMAÇÃO CIENTÍFICA E TECNOLÓGICA PARA AS BIBLIOTECAS UNIVERSITÁRIAS” when clicking on PDF to view the article, another article of another author is displayed. Any idea what’s going on?

Version OJS

Thank you very much.

Hi @dougtorres,

Two quick suggestions:

  • If you’re using custom identifiers for your articles, make sure you aren’t using purely numeric identifiers. OJS will confuse these with the numeric identifiers it automatically generates. (Prefixing numeric custom identifiers with something, e.g. using a123 instead of 123, will resolve this.)

  • If possible, upgrade to a newer release. It’s likely that this might already be resolved. The current OJS 2.4.x release is 2.4.8-2, and the upgrade to that version should be low-impact. If you’re ready and don’t need features that aren’t planned for release until OJS 3.1, consider upgrading to OJS 3.x. This will involve more of a learning curve, however, so I’d recommend running a test upgrade so that you can explore it a little before committing.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you very much.

I will perform these procedures and return to say the results.