I can't view attricle after publish article

Describe the issue or problem
I can’t view article after published them, I check error log, at first time error come from custum header, but after I fix the error, not error come, but article still can’t view.
let see in this url https://jurnal.bisakonsul.com/index.php/juridische/article/view/8

Additional information

  • OJS 3.4 upgrade from OJS 3.3

Hi @rachmanzz ,

I case of error 500 you should get more info in the web server log.

Regards, Primož

I try to hit article with random id there no id in database return not found, but if I hit correct url, always show error 500

new error send by server provider

Did you assign the article to an issue and a section ? I can’t see any issues on the journal.
Also, the section needs to have a title.

solved. Error cause by “Dublin Core Indexing Plugin”. I try to inactive plugin one by one and solved when that plugin is inactive. the article rollback to copy-editing because I restore old backup

Good morning,
Yes, I have the some problem (but without updating version, it was new installation) and the solution was to disable ‘‘Dublin core Indexing Plugin’’.
But you think, we don’t need to have this plugin activate or did you have another plugin similar to it.
Thanks again for your solution.