I can't to update journal setting

I can’t to update journal setting…anyway…save changes and don’t update it’s…
OJS 3.3.0-4

Hi @Oscar_L_Parrado_Alva,

Can you please provide more details on what is occurring: which particular settings are you trying to update? What specifically happens when you try to save changes?

PKP Team

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Thanks You…
I’m updating DOAJ…
And when I make changes to the license, I save them but they don’t appear on the magazine page.
The same happens with the documents for Authors that are in the header… there the words that have an accent do not appear well… however in Workflow… Editorial Library the names of the documents are fine… there are no way to change, I save and they are not seen
In the Custom Block Manager module appear the message:
The public files directory was not found or the files cannot be saved to the . Contact your administrator to resolve this issue.


Hi @Oscar_L_Parrado_Alva,

Okay, there are a number of issues happening here:

Can you elaborate? are you making changes to the licenses individually, or using the reset option for all licenses (which ought to be used with caution).

Not sure what is happening here, but this sounds like a character encoding issue.

This seems to suggest an issue with your public files directory. You’ll want to make sure that the permissions are configured correctly: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/admin-guide/en/troubleshooting#permissions-file-access-etc

Please note, that these are all separate, distinct issues. I will likely have to separate these out into distinct forum posts, as it is our policy to deal with one issue per forum post.

PKP Team

I’m having display issues in Journal Settings (using OJS Previously there was an update from OJS 2 to OJS 3.
Where it looks like in the picture. Can you help me?