I cannot reinstall the backup plugin, what should i do.?

Describe the issue or problem
i installed the latest version of backup plugin,
by a mistake, i delete it from the installed plugin list
now i wanna re-install it again, but i cann’t.

problem 1. it still shows the state of "installed " and “up-to-date” as shown below.

problem 2. i cannot see it in installed plugin list.

problem 3. i use the add plugin by uploading files function. the plugin is a tar.gz file downloaded from github.com, it fails with a message of “one cannot install a plugin, because it has been installed and now is the latest version”

Hello @yhangde,

Can you please indicate which OJS version you’re using (e.g. 3.2.1)?

PKP Team

hi,thank you for replying me.

the ojs i am using is, OJS

Hi @yhangde,

There are a few things you can check.

First, try clearing the data cache under “Administration → Clear Data Caches”. It’s possible stale plugin information from the database could be in the cache.

Second, you can try completely removing all parts of the plugin install and starting over from scratch. You can make sure the previous plugin install has been completely removed and manually removing any parts that are left. To see if the files are still in the install, check in the [ojs-root-directory]/plugins/generic. If there’s a backup directory still, you can remove it. You can also see if there is still a corresponding entry for the plugin in the versions table in the database, and you can remove that entry.

From there you can try to reinstall the plugin.

Of course, make sure you make a full backup of your OJS install, files directory, and database before trying any of this just in case!

Hope that helps.


PKP Team

thank you, it works.

i found a directory named [backup] in [ojs-path]/plugins/generic/
then i deleted it.
then i can see backup plugin in installed list and it works again.