I cannot re-enroll someone I removed

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A user could not log in, had duplicate records, I merged those two records, still could not log in, how can I add this user using his same email. I get the message: “The selected email address is already in use by another user.”

OJS 3.3

Hi @vcardenas,

As a first step, could you what is suggested here to see if there is still a user enrolled that just has no role associated with them: Unnable to change email address of the journal editor and first sel

This is supposed to be improved in OJS 3.4, I believe.

PKP team

Thanks Roger, should I just ask him to use a different email?

That user did a review for a paper, so the email may still be in the system. What do you think of that?

  • you could - this is not ideal, but make for a short-term solution.
  • hmm… not being able to see your system, I can’t say for certain - what roles are associated with the account?

If you’re able to upgrade to OJS 3,4 (when it gets released - likely next month), you should be able to mitigate that issue then.

PKP Team

Thanks, I changed his username and used his alternative email address that I had removed.

I am looking forward to check that out, I am novice to OJS, I appreciate your help. Roger

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