I am not able to start OJS after moving from localhost to web server

I am a novice and have been trying tom install OJS since last 3 days. I successfully installed OJS on my locahost.
After doing that, i tried changing local host to my domain name in config.inc.php
After that i copied the OJS folder to the public_html folder on my server.
I also tried copying the database to my server.
But still nothing is hapenning.
Please email me at varshil91@gmail.com. I will share my config.inc.php. My server is zoho.com
Please help me. My site is www.jmri.in

Are you still having trouble? It looks like that site is running now.

The site is not based on OJS. Its a normal site.

Yes, i am still not able to get OJS installed on server.

What error message(s) are you getting?

Page not found. I am not sure if i have made the changes properly in config.inc or the database is copied properly. I have copied the OJS folder to public-html folder. Alsoi have tried copying the database through some way. The domain what i am using is zoho.com and its kinda so difficult to work on. Also when i tried few addesses like http://www.jmri.in/public-html/ojs/index.php, it is showing 403 forbidden

I am really tired. have been trying to install since last 2 days. If some one can help me with it, I dont mind sharing my login details. Please help me. Contact me on varshil91@gmail.com

It looks like there is some form of URL rewriting in place on your server. For example, a request to index.html redirects to /, and a request to /ojs/ generates a styled 404.

Inquire of your host whether installing a custom PHP application is supported, and what url rewriting is already in place and/or is supported.