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I have installed Hypothesis Plugin in Generic Folder (public_html/plugins/generic/hypothesis) properly. But I can not view how it is actually used on the site. Where is its commenting fuction?

Hi @Ahmad_R_Beigi,

Could you confirm which version of OJS you’re currently using?

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Patricia M.
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Hi, if I did not misunderstand your question I leave an example of how it works. Look up in the upper right.
[Vista de Una aproximación a los nuevos delitos sexuales de la ley N.° 19.580 (Ley de violencia hacia las mujeres basada en género) | Revista de la Facultad de Derecho]
and here a video:

Dear Ms. pmangahis,
Sorry for the delay. I am Currently using OJS 3.1.1.

Dear Ahmad, you don’t need to read the page in spanish, I sent it so you could see a working example.

I have no idea how to download the video, but I will try and if I succeed I will send it to you.


Dear Teresa
Thank you. Now I see. That was wonderful. I liked it.
P.S: By the way your header picture was wonderful. If you can please send me the video. Thanks

Hi @TereTere
I’m interested in using the hypothes.is-Plugin, too. Thanks for the example. It works with the HTML version, but not with the PDF version of your articles, right?
Did you see this topic: Problems with the hypothes.is plugin - #3 by asmecher

@asmecher, is there a possibility to get the hypothesis plugin working with PDF and HTML? On the one hand I have an enabled hypothes.is plugin for HTML galleys and on the other hand I have to disable the plugin, edit the pdf viewer as described in the linked topic above for PDF galleys…

Hi @unkej,

We’re waiting on updates to this issue: Upgrade PDF.js to the latest v2.x release · Issue #15 · hypothesis/pdf.js-hypothes.is · GitHub

It’s not an integration we write/maintain, but there does appear to be recent activity.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hi Alec,

thank you! Now I need a Github-Account to get you a like and strengthen the OJS need. :smile:

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