HTTPS issue (mixed content) due creative commons images

I’m in the process of moving to HTTPS some 2.4.x sites… and I noticed that creative commons licenses is a field with an url in a database.
This makes firefox and chrome claim the web is not secure due “mixed content”

Did any body else deal with it before?
Any solution apart of a search&replace in the DB?

I noticed captcha is also adding http images.
Is there any “howto move to https” post or guide?

If not, I don’t mind to share here my notes.


Do you have instances of the Creative Commons URLs outside of the locale files? This should have changed there as part of OJS 2.4.8-2:

Hummm… ¿how to say this? :blush:

Those journals included some hardcoding and are stucked in 2.4.6 and I won’t update them till I jump to OJS3 (around the beginning of next year).

I’m a little unsure because I checked it sometime ago, but I remember a link to the CC license for each article. I spend sometime thinking in what universe it could be a good idea. :roll_eyes:

Anyway, today I discovered that fixing urls to https and setting force_ssl and force_login_ssl variables to “On” in the CC by images issue, so I throw this to all my journals:

$ find -name  -exec sed -i 's/http:/https:/g' {} \; 
$ find -name  -exec sed -i 's/force_ssl = Off/force_ssl = On/g' {} \;
$ find -name  -exec sed -i 's/force_login_ssl = Off/force_login_ssl = On/g' {} \;

And it’s like a charm. Worked great for licenses and captchas.

The problem is alm and addthis… but nothing that could not be fixed with a few more dirty hacks:

All in green now. Thanks Clinton!!